Machine Learning

Udacity Machine Learning NanoDegree

Projects Completed

Building a Student Intervention System

Investigated the factors that affect a student's performance in high school. Trained and tested several supervised machine learning models on a given dataset to predict how likely a student is to pass. Selected the best model based on relative accuracy and efficiency.

Predicting Boston Housing Prices

Built a model to predict the value of a given house in the Boston real estate market using various statistical analysis tools. Identified the best price that a client can sell their house utilizing machine learning.

Train a SmartCab How to Drive

Applied reinforcement learning to build a simulated vehicle navigation agent. This project involved modeling a complex control problem in terms of limited available inputs, and designing a scheme to automatically learn an optimal driving strategy based on rewards and penalties.

Explo the Clusters in a DataSet

Reviewed unstructured data to understand the patterns and natural categories that the data fits into. Used multiple algorithms and both empirically and theoretically compared and contrasted their results. Made predictions about the natural categories of multiple types in a dataset, then checked these predictions against the result of an unsupervised analysis

Machine Learning Capstone, Percey

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